Effects Of Legal Steroids in Women

Although men are the ones who build up their muscles mostly using steroids, women also sometimes use these products for different reasons. For instance athlete women use the steroids to increase their workload when training and on the field. This makes them prone to their side effects. Some of these side effects to women are different to men. This article will delve to cover these side effects that women ought to know before involving in using the steroids.

Menstrual irregularities and Infertility

One of the components of steroids is the induction of the testosterone. Men and women bodies alike produce testosterone only that in women the level of testosterone is below that of men. The testosterone in women is stored in the ovaries, taking steroids therefore will cause a hormonal change in the body because the ovaries, which stores most of the female hormones, is interfered with. Due to these hormonal shifts, the women will suffer hormonal imbalance causing fewer periods, fluctuating periods, very heavy or lighter menstruation and abnormal menstrual symptoms. In extreme cases, the woman may stop experiencing menstruation due to an abnormality called amenorrhea, which is a red light for infertility.

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Masculine Effects

Steroids contain some of the chemicals that exhibit male hormones;this condition is referred to as androgenic property. These properties have similar effects to that of a boy at puberty. Use of the steroid therefore will make women develop those changes such as deep voice, development of body and facial hair, reduced size of the breast, increased size of the clitoris in addition to baldness. Thewoman can also develop body muscles in the long run because that the basic function of steroids. These effects can be permanent and thus a woman must be ready to stay with them at long term. These effects can reduce a woman femininity causing anxiety and stress to the woman. The women who develop these side effects will have the looks of a man.

Emotional Effects

The steroids interferes with ones emotion be it a man or a woman. In most cases, it affects the women more during their menstruation. These emotional effects include experiencing mood swings, being anxious, being irritated easily, being hostile, and having a false feeling of invincibility. When steroids are taken by women who had or are suffering from mental illnesses they may suffer relapses. These emotional effects are experienced during the use of the steroids and even after one has stopped using them.

Physical Effects

The high cholesterol level caused by the steroids can cause cardiovascular complications in the body. These steroids can also cause bloating, liver diseases, having sexual disorders and severe acnes. In addition, steroids in pregnant women affect the formation of the fetus.